Whales Inspire GasPod Design

biomimicry, earth day, whale

Holy Moly GasPods Work I have dedicated my life to making products that help people move freely and efficiently underwater. I have discovered a lot about fluid dynamics over the years. I had been working on some new product shapes, inspired by whale tubercles, for some of my Force Fin design. “Whale tubercles” are the knobs

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Jean Michel Cousteau Is Atmospheric

Jean Michel Cousteau installed GasPods on his Honda Insight. Its mileage increased. “What we need is action, with targeted, tangible, and effective goals. We understand the global problem. The planet’s climate is changing due to humans accelerating the process through burning fossil fuels, which increase concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The consequences include

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Be Atmospheric

Control of Earth’s destiny is in your hands. Join the AeroHance GasPods Project – to Save Fuel, Save Money and Contribute Toward Saving the World! New Site Building in the Background. In the meantime, please contact us directly at 80 5 61 7 46 42

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