Happy Earth Day, Happy Spring! With it comes new life and Mixed BerryMan GasPods
Dateline: Thursday, April 16, Santa Barbara
Contact: Susanne Chess, President / susanne@aerohance.com / 805.617.4642

3,000 ultra-light Mixed BerryMan GasPods arrived in Santa Barbara, manufactured using what until now was waste from shoe sole production. Hence, the collection of Mixed BerryMan colors.

Renewable GasPod made out of waste from shoe production from Santa Barbara company

Can you find the color of your shoe soles among the camoflauge cacophony of Mixed Berryman colors – blueberry, rasberry, ollalaberry, loganberry. blackberry and more?

As part of its goal to close the loop – eliminate waste – of global shoe sole fabrication, a Santa Barbara local shoe company spearheaded the production for AeroHance.

To celebrate Earth Day 2020, AeroHance and the local shoe company are giving away at no charge 100 Mixed BerryMan GasPod kits to the first 100 individuals to join the AeroHance Team by ordering here:

AeroHance is a company founded by Santa Barbara locals Bob Evans and Susanne Chess. Its mission is to develop products and promote projects that incentivize individual, and collective, contribution to reducing the CO2 each of us produces. Its first product, GasPods is an exterior automotive accessory designed to increase the aerodynamic efficiency, reduce the drag of driving. That results in fuel savings, and a reduction of CO2 produced by participating drivers.

Gaspods are easy to install; simply peel and stick and place along the rear roofline or side walls of your vehicle. Each kit includes 11 Celebrate Sustainable GasPods and retails for $29.95.

Nine is all you need and is effective at reducing fuel for many vehicles, hatch backs, such as Prius, SUV, cross over, vans and trucks. GasPods have also been shown to reduce fuel consumption when placed across the trunk on some sedans. Since they modify airflow, reducing the drag that trails behind all vehicles, installation works equally well for vehicles powered by all fuel types, gasoline, diesel, biofuel, electric and hybrids.

For delivery truck fleets between 40 and 48 are needed, depending on the size of the trailer. A bucket of 60 costs $299.95. A template for easy installation placement is included with the delivery truck kit of 60.

Now with sustainable production, thanks to the initiative of the Santa Barbara local shoe company, and ultra-soft and light, springy as the running shoe sole material from which they are made GasPods. AeroHance, The BerryMan and Kanaloa SeaFoods are collaborating to reduce the environmental impact of the delivery fleets we all depend upon for our food and other necessary goods and supplies. We all learned with the COVID-19 shut down how important delivery fleets are in providing us all with needed food and supplies. The Berryman, upon which many of our South and Central Coast restaurants depend for produce, and Kanaloa SeaFoods, which provides the highest quality, sustainable seafood to the best restaurants of the Western United States, worked with AeroHance Team to validate fuel savings for their fleets. This collaboration resuted in combined savings of more than $35,000 and a reduction in their carbon footprint of more than 300,000 lbs.

AeroHance motto: 2% of the world’s 2 billion drivers reduce fuel consumption by 5%, means more for the environment than any government or industry program. We all can contribute. We all can Be Atmospheric.

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