Close the Loop, Reduce Fuel Burn, Be Atmospheric

GasPods on the back sides of a transportation vehicle in the Santa Barbara area.

AeroHance offers a line of GasPods made in collaboration with global shoe manufacturers seeking to close the loop on material waste vented from molds during shoe sole production. AeroHance GasPods Project offers a quantifiable means to reach sustainability goals for its manufacturers, participants throughout its supply chain to its customer with products that cont ribute … [Read more…]

Whales Inspire GasPod Design

biomimicry, earth day, whale

Holy Moly GasPods Work I have dedicated my life to making products that help people move freely and efficiently underwater. I have discovered a lot about fluid dynamics over the years. I had been working on some new product shapes, inspired by whale tubercles, for some of my Force Fin design. “Whale tubercles” are the knobs … [Read more…]

Be Atmospheric

Control of Earth’s destiny is in your hands. Join the AeroHance GasPods Project – to Save Fuel, Save Money and Contribute Toward Saving the World! New Site Building in the Background. In the meantime, please contact us directly at 80 5 61 7 46 42