AeroHance offers a line of GasPods made in collaboration with global shoe manufacturers seeking to close the loop on material waste vented from molds during shoe sole production.

AeroHance GasPods Project offers a quantifiable means to reach sustainability goals for its manufacturers, participants throughout its supply chain to its customer with products that cont ribute toward:

  • Closing the loop for global shoe manufacturers by using what would otherwise be waste from shoe sole production to make AeroHance GasPods;
  • Encouraging installation on transport throughout the supply chain to reduce fuel burn and CO2 production
  • Reduces the carbon footprint, the CO2 produced by its customers’ driving
  • Educating all with a quick fix, easy way to not only make a difference, but to make an impact, to Be Atmospheric™

It may not be obvious how the manufacture of goods, shoes in which we walk, run, hike, bike, wear for just about every activity leave behind mountains of material waste. One manufacturer reported 400,000 lbs. a year. Using this material, Aerohance offers these manufacturers a quantifiable contribution toward their own sustainability goal, while encouraging use of its fuel saving devices – installing AeroHance GasPods on the vehicles and vessels used for its distribution. A quantifiable method for fuel savings throughout the supply chain – from factory to customer.

AeroHance develops products and promotes projects to incentivize individual and collective contribution toward reducing impact on the environment. Its premiere product, AeroHance GasPods are patented exterior automotive accessory designed to increase the aerodynamic efficiency, reduce the drag of driving. That results in savings for all fuel types, whether powered by gas, diesel, biofuel, hybrid or electric. Prius drivers report an average 11% savings on the freeway. Box truck fleets, necessary to the supply chain of every community report average 6% savings. Big rigs report 2.5%; buses 1.7%.

Easy to install, to remove, to reinstall. The action of installing incentivizes environmentally positive behavior.

AeroHance GasPods patented shape is inspired by whale turbucles (bumps along a whale’s body). GasPods are designed by award winning product development team behind Force Fin. Patently distinct from vortex generators, they are aerodynamic shapes that increase the speed and volume, enhance the air flowing around them which makes vehicles onto which they are installed more aerodynamic. Computational fluid dynamic analysis conducted by CD Adapco (now Seimens Digital Industries) documented a 5.2% reduction in the drag coefficient of a blunt back vehicle with a kit of GasPods installed along its rear roof top.

A kit retails for between $29.95 and $59.95, depending upon location of manufacture and installation type (adhesive or magnetic). The kit includes nine Aerohance GasPods, all that is needed for most passenger vehicles.


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