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Whether commuting to school or work, or on a road trip in your recreational vehicle (RV) improving your vehicle’s aerodynamics results in fuel savings. Take control of the effect rising fuel costs have on your life. Install AeroHance Pods to increase mileage by at least 5% and #BeAtmospheric

Passenger Vehicle Installation Guide

Drivers realize substantial fuel savings

AeroHance Pods are proportionally shaped to enhance air flow. Attached in an array along the rear roof or trunk line of your passenger vehicles, or along the rear side walls of recreational vehicles or trucks, AeroHance Pods accelerate and force more air rearward. This reduces the drag, or draft, that exists behind all vehicles in motion. A kit of 9-Pods is all you need for most passenger vehicles to realize substantial savings.

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Depending on a vehicle’s base aerodynamic design and operating conditions, drivers report fuel savings of 2% to 17% — 2% for a large SUV with roof racks, whose driver travels mostly at city speeds; 17% for a long-distance commuter, driving a Prius V, primarily at freeway speeds.

AeroHance Pods empower individuals, companies, and governments to limit collective C02 emissions

Every gallon of gas saved prevents 19.4 lbs of CO2 being released into the atmosphere, 22.46 lbs for diesel. And, by lowering power usage for electric vehicles installing AeroHance Pods also contributes to energy savings.

2% of the world’s 2 billion drivers reducing transportation fuel consumption by 5%, savings most drivers realize with AeroHance Pods installed, means more to our future sustainability than any industry or government program for CO2 reduction. Be one of the 2% to make a difference. #BeAtmospheric

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Proven Fuel Savings Technologies for any Vehicle

Aerodynamic improvement is a primary method to reduce fuel burn and respond to collective sustainability goals. The auto industry engineering teams “kill” for a 2% drag reduction. AeroHance Pods have been shown using the same methods and by the same independent firm that runs computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis for such behemoths as Ford, Mercedes, and Harley Davidson, to reduce vehicle drag by more than 5%.

Since 2010 when the AeroHance Pods Project began, we’ve seen more and more auto industry implementation of similar technologies on new cars. Only by installing AeroHance Pods can you take advantage and implement these new fuel efficiency developments on your existing vehicle, no matter its age or fuel type. Addressing aerodynamics offers better mileage and more time between trips to the fuel station whether your vehicle is powered by gasoline, diesel, electric, biofuel, hydrogen or what else may come.


Conforms to any vehicle and budget   

A Kit of 9-Pods is all you need to improve the fuel consumption for any passenger vehicles.

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