60 AeroHance Pod Truck Kit


$279.00 for Bag of 60 Celebration Sustainable GasPods

40-48 required for most trucks in your delivery fleet
Panel, Box and 53′ Big Rig Trailers

Installation Template Included



Giving Purpose to, Eliminating Waste of Global Shoe Sole Production

While saving fuel, reducing the carbon footprint of necessary supply chain transportation services


close the loop, sustainable production

Can you find the color of your shoe soles?

Interestingly, the speckled colors act like camoflauge to render AeroHance Celebration Sustainable GasPods invisible to the uninitiated.

Celebration GasPods Attach Using 3-M Automotive Adhesive Tape

Yes! GasPods save fuel when a kit of 9 is installed on most passenger vehicles too!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 15 in
Vehicle Type

53' Big Rig, Box Delivery Truck, Panel Truck, Van, Passenger Vehicle


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