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The Challenge

AeroHance Pods make vehicles more aerodynamic, which lessens the workload of engines and therefore saves fuel. So why isn’t every vehicle outfitted with a kit? They need you to be part of the solution to rising fuel costs.

How does your station benefit?

  • Happy customers!
  • Revenue from sales of a proven product line – AeroHance Pods
    • 9-Pod Kits for Passenger Vehicles
    • 60-Pod Kits for Recreational Vehicles
    • 60-Pod Kits for Trucks
    • Revenue from installation of AeroHance Pods

Installation is a natural extension of your existing business

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Your customers save fuel and money. Your station makes money. Set up as a Retailer and Installation Center today! In-house company representatives are waiting for your contact.

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Fuel Savings Give Quick Return on Investment

AeroHance Pods pay for themselves within months of installation

Examples of Fuel Savings Documented by Drivers and Ryder Records for AeroHance Pods

To maximize load capacity most vehicles have a blunt back shape. Drag inducing longitudinal vortices form where the airflow streaming along the vehicle’s body meets the low pressure that follows behind. Overcoming that drag contributes to fuel demand.

Install AeroHance Pods in the area where turbulence forms to accelerate and increase the volume of air flowing behind. This is across the rear roof or truck of a passenger vehicle or along the rear sides of vans, trucks, and buses. This extends the vortices further behind to reduce their drag inducing effect.

AeroHance Pods are patently distinct from vortex generators, which create micro vortices to address surface flow separation. The technological basis for AeroHance Pods performance is to increase surface air contact and accelerate a higher volume of air moving behind. They work like a wing and increase trailing edge aspect ratio of the vehicle, without increasing its profile by more than an inch to maintain compliance with Federal and Multi-State dimension regulations.

Low profile, lightweight, elegant design, once installed, requires no driver interaction

Weighing only ~23 grams each, a maximum installation of 52 AeroHance Pods (26 down each side of your container) will add no more than an incidental ~5 lbs. total weight.

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