GasPods are an aftermarket exterior automotive accessory device that can increase fuel economy for the vehicles we already own. By increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle with GasPods, an average $120 per year can be saved in fuel costs. As fuel prices rise, the savings can be even more.

And, for every gallon of gas saved, 19.4 lbs of CO2 is prevented from being released into the atmosphere and the 97 gallons of water required to produce each gallon of gas are preserved for other purposes. Cumulate the per gallon savings over the close to 2 billion cars on the road today, and the effect our saving fuel can have for the world is atmospheric.

Save Fuel

Long distance commuters can pick up an extra gallon of gas with every tank full when they reduce the drag coefficient of their vehicle by 5%. City drivers can expect about 1/2 that. GasPods are the quickest and easiest means we know for substantially contributing toward that reduction.

Save Money

According to the Department of Transportation, US commuters travel on average 13,000 miles per car and consume 650 gallons of gas per year. Fuel prices have risen, and driving to work or school is costing $600 more per year than it did three years ago. GasPods can reduce the impact of rising fuel prices by as much as 20%

Save Water

For many vehicles and drivers, adding GasPods to your vehicle will reduce gas consumption by about ½ gallon per tank. With GasPods on your car, in just 4 trips to the gas station, you can reserve for your consumption more than your annual requirement of drinking water.

Contribute Toward Saving The World

What does this mean for the World? If just 133 drivers who commute to-and-from work or school reduce their fuel consumption by 5%, it would prevent enough CO2 from entering the atmosphere to fill Chicago’s Willis Tower, the tallest building in North America.