Wind Tunnel Test, Black Holes and GasPods


People have asked, “Why don’t you rent time at Moffett Field and conduct a good old fashioned fill that room up with speedy smoke wind tunnel test, like we might see from NASA, Boeing or Volkswagen?”

The answer is, we have, using computational fluid dynamic analysis (CFD). View Research Summary

This modern day measurement technique of aerodynamic effect of objects, GasPods, and how they affect a vehicle traveling at between 35 mph and 65 mph, is better than what you might see using a wind tunnel.

To prove the point, we’ll share this video of the Volkswagen Golf 7 in The Climatic Wind Tunnel of Volkswagenwerk AG, located at their factory in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Notice no smoke can be seen right behind the car. In simple terms, let’s call it the black hole. A tunnel of transit where the pressure is so low. The differential between it, and air streaming by, above and at the sides, is so high. The smoke disappears. A classic wind tunnel test does not show us the dynamics within this black hole region.

CFD is calibrated to show what wind tunnel test footage does not.

GasPods are designed to grab more of that smoky air traveling past the vehicle, and dump it into the black hole. In so doing, they lower that pressure differential, by what has been shown with CFD to result in a drag coefficient reduction of between 5.2% and 6.7% on the Volkswagen Golf car body.

What does a 5.2% – 6.7% reduction in drag mean to you? That depends upon many variables. GasPod Test Team Members are reporting between 1.8% and 17% in fuel savings depending upon the vehicle driven and their driving behavior.

GasPod Test Team Members driving Volkswagen Golf body vehicles are reporting an average extra 3-4 mpg, closer to 6% in fuel savings. Quite a bit more than might be predicted by the mathematical equations for the relationship between fuel consumption and drag coefficient reduction. Predicted values are only 1.3 mpg.

Indicative of the fact that laboratory testing, wind tunnel and CFD are not enough. They’re great, even necessary for proof of concept, and fine tuning during product development. They are absolutely necessary for marketing, investors or the Bank.

Boeing still needs to test fly its planes, and you still need to drive the car with GasPods to fully realize their benefit of saving fuel, to save you money and contribute toward saving the World.

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