GasPods offer existing drivers a quick fix, something anyone can simply add to their vehicle to help them save gas.

2% of the world’s drivers reducing fuel consumption by 5% prevents 1.26 million metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere per year. That is more than any one program offered governments or industry can do in reducing mankind’s carbon footprint. Join the movement to participate in reversing the effect our years of consumption have had on Earth.

70% of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the transportation sector are attributable to passenger vehicles. There is a trend, and in some countries a mandate, to produce more energy efficient vehicles. It will take 45 years for these developments to absorb throughout the market. We are stuck with the close to 2 billion existing vehicles, with their average consumption of 22 mpg for a long time.

So how do we encourage people to start saving gas? While programs exist offering incentives for governments and industry to reduce their fuel consumption, most available to individual drivers involve behavior modification. Such as, driving slower and smoother, properly maintaining our vehicles, monitoring tire pressure, and driving less! All good things to do, but wouldn’t you like to add a quick fix for saving gas to the mix?