A Whale of An Idea

How one man’s Ocean experience led to the development of a novel method to improve vehicle efficiency.

Nature Inspires Innovation

AeroHance Co-Founder Bob Evans is a visionary, an entrepreneur, award-winning designer, and industrialist. He is also an acclaimed underwater photographer with a portfolio that includes thousands of images from photo-documenting offshore projects and their relationship to marine life and marine eco-systems. He has honed a unique ability to visualize how objects interact with fluid flow, which has led him to develop many paradigms busting ocean-related products.

Among his more than 30 issued patents are US Pat Nos. US 8,852,710 B2, US 9,481,405 B2, among others for Surface Flow Enhancement Device and Method of Using the Same on a Vehicle – AeroHance Pods!

Bob Evans Underwater Camera System  
(1) Bob Evans with Underwater Camera System (2) Red Tan Delta Extra Force Fin, with Vortex Generators on Underside and Trailing Edge Contours inspired by whale tubercles. Part of the collections of the Costume Institute of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, circa 1997.

A Whale of An Idea

While working on some new product shapes inspired by his Force Fin design, he reasoned that because whale tubercles, the knobs on the body of humpback whales, aid their movement through water, a similarly shaped object might help move vehicles more efficiently through air. That led to the Aerohance Pod prototype.

Holy Moly, the PODs Save Fuel

Evans recounts what happened after attaching the Pod prototypes to his own car. “Over a 2-year period, I was driving our old Volvo wagon between home in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, averaging ~500 miles per week. I always returned with between a quarter and a half a tank of gas. After attaching Pod prototypes to the roof of the Volvo, I got home with more than half a tank. That had never happened before. I thought, Holy Moly the Pods save fuel!”

You Too Can Drive Like a Whale

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