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Whether commuting to school or work, or on a road trip in your recreational vehicle, improving vehicle aerodynamics results in fuel savings. Install AeroHance Pods to increase mileage by at least 5%, which saves you money and contributes to our future sustainability. Get fuel savers that help you make a difference. #BeAtmospheric.

Passenger Vehicle Installation Guide


AeroHance Pods are proportionally shaped to enhance air flow. Attached in an array along the rear roof or trunk line of your passenger vehicles, or along the rear side walls of recreational vehicles or trucks, our car fuel savings device accelerates and forces more air rearward. This reduces the drag, or draft, which exists behind all vehicles in motion. Engines do not have to work as hard to overcome that drag which saves fuel.

A kit of 9-Pods is all you need for most passenger vehicles to realize substantial fuel savings.

Two Men in front of a Toyota Prius with AeroHance Pods aerohance pods on suv

Depending on a vehicle’s base aerodynamic design and operating conditions, drivers report fuel savings of 2% to 17% — 2% for a large SUV with roof racks, whose driver travels mostly at city speeds; 17% for a long-distance commuter, driving a Prius V, primarily at freeway speeds. Average fuel savings of 5% or your money back.

AeroHance Pods Are Sustainable Products

Every gallon of gas saved prevents 19.4 lbs of CO2 being released into the atmosphere, 22.46 lbs for diesel. And, by lowering power usage for electric vehicles installing AeroHance Pods also contributes to energy savings.

2% of the world’s 2 billion drivers reducing transportation fuel consumption by 5%, savings most drivers realize with AeroHance Pods installed, means more to our future sustainability than any industry or government program for CO2 reduction. Be one of the 2% to make a difference. #BeAtmospheric

Proven Fuel Savings Technologies for any Vehicle

Since 2010 when the AeroHance Pods Project began, we’ve seen increased auto industry implementation of similar technologies on new cars. Only by installing AeroHance Pods can you take advantage of and implement these new fuel efficiency developments on your existing vehicle, no matter its age or fuel type. Addressing aerodynamics offers better mileage and more time between trips to the fuel station whether your vehicle is powered by gasoline, diesel, electric, biofuel, hydrogen or what else may come.

We’ve gathered hundreds of thousands of miles of driving logs documenting vehicles’ performance both with and without AeroHance Pods installed and found:

  • Best results are on otherwise aerodynamic, blunt back vehicles, such as the Prius, and other hatchbacks, SUV, wagons, vans, of all sizes and sedans.
  • Significant fuel savings are realized by long distance commuters and road trippers who drive primarily at highway speeds. Some freeway drivers are seeing more than an extra 6 mpg. Those driving at low speeds, with constant acceleration and slowing down, primarily driving in the city are seeing an extra ½ mpg on average.
    cool_to_save_fuel  Two People next to a Chevy Volt
  • Racks that run across the roof, perpendicular to the direction of travel, interfere with the flow of the air, and appear to limit the benefit of AeroHance Pods placed along the rear roof line.
  • Spoilers do just that, spoil the air flow or create drag. Beneficial counterbalance depends upon the design of the spoiler and car body type.
  • Pickup truck drivers: If your bed is open, the enhanced air drops into the bed. We’ve tallied excellent results from pickups with covered beds, or when AeroHance Pods are installed on the front of the cab roof, just behind the front windshield.