For Our Fleet

Take control of the effect rising fuel costs have on your business, meet budget projections and increase the bottom line. Inexpensive and lightweight AeroHance Pods install with no downtime and improve truck aerodynamics without operational interference.

Truck, Bus, and RV Installation Guide

Vehicle Operating Efficiency

Reduces vehicle drag coefficient to lower fuel consumption 2% to 11%

To maximize load capacity commercial vehicles are self-propelled containers. Their blunt back shape results in the formation of longitudinal vortices, turbulence or drag, where the airflow streaming along the vehicle’s body meets the low pressure that follows behind. Overcoming that drag contributes to fuel demand.

Install AeroHance Pods where turbulence forms and their proportionally shaped profile accelerates and increases the volume of air flowing behind to reduce these longitudinal vortices and their drag inducing effect. For trucks, buses and vans, vehicles that are taller than they are wide, there is more air flowing from the sides.

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Install AeroHance Pods down the rear sides, and the differential between the air flow and low-pressure zone is lowered, and turbulence or drag is reduced. Mileage and range is increased!

For passenger vehicles that are wider than they are tall, more air flows from the roof. Install AeroHance Pods across the rear roof or trunk line for maximum benefit.

Regardless of the types of vehicles in your fleet, whether you are pulling a 53-ft. trailer, driving a box truck, step van, or a Prius, install our fuel savers, improve truck aerodynamics, and noticeably reduce fuel costs or your money back.



AeroHance Pods help quench your fleet’s thirst for fuel by making vehicles more aerodynamically efficient. This results in less load on the engine, more range between fuel fills, and less drain on company financial resources.

2020 North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) Report

NACFE is highly confident that all fleets should be considering the adoption of devices which will improve aerodynamics, as a major opportunity to save fuel.
“Aerodynamic improvement of commercial tractors and trailers has substantially reduced fleet operating costs and harmful emissions by decreasing the amount of energy needed to move vehicles down the road. Whatever powers the vehicle—whether traditional diesel, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, electricity, or combinations of those as hybrid vehicles—the efficiency of converting energy into motion always depends heavily on aerodynamic design.”

Low profile, lightweight, elegant design, once installed, requires no driver interaction

AeroHance Pods are patently distinct from vortex generators, which create micro vortices to address surface flow separation. The technological basis for AeroHance Pods performance is to increase surface air contact and accelerate a higher volume of air moving behind. They work like a wing and increase trailing edge aspect ratio of the vehicle, without increasing its profile by more than an inch to maintain compliance with Federal and Multi-State dimension regulations.

Weighing only ~23 grams each, a maximum installation of 52 AeroHance Pods (26 down each side of your container) will add no more than an incidental ~5 lbs. total weight.

The low hanging fruit for aerodynamic improvement with Aerohance Pods is installed in an array down the rear sidebars for trucks, recreational vehicles, and vans. These vehicles have a high aspect ratio; they are taller than they are wide with highest concentration of airflow ripe for improvement traveling along the side of the vehicle.