AeroHance Pod Performance by Vehicle Body Type

“Pod Performance” is the average fuel savings calculated from mileage logs provided by customers, driving 100’s of thousands of miles in real world conditions. As expected, data reveals trends by vehicle body shape. Scroll down for the savings you can expect.

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2.5%-17% Fuel Savings Documented

The wide variance in pod performance is due to the many variables that affect vehicle fuel efficiency, such as speed, maintenance, weather, road conditions, driving behavior and body type. We control for these confounding variables by tallying the average baseline (no pods) mileage as compared to with pods over 100’s of thousands of miles driven in real world conditions, resulting in performance characteristics for many different body types. Scroll down to find your vehicle body type and pod performance to expect.

Case Study: Motorcoach documents mileage over 17,000 miles driving on same route
bus comparative mileage


Case Study: 10% Fuel Savings for Fire Protection Service

Discussion: Aero-En-hanced air drops into open bed if placed before rear windshield. Customers have documented fuel savings when Pods are placed across rear edge of bed cover, such as a tonneau.

Extraordinary savings for freeway drivers with Pods placed across rear roofline and sides of camper shell cover.

Best placement is across the rear trunk line.
Savings Team Member Submissions:
Honda Civic SI Coupe with Pods placed over rear window
VW Jetta with Pods placed mid-trunk

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