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“I just returned from the high Arctic, photographing the breaking up of the ice that is there. And you can see the difference that is happening to our Planet. We’re going through global warming. We really are. There is no denying it. And that carbon that is in our atmosphere can be reduced. Just think of one thing right here: By getting better mileage, by having better air flow. and having a design that can make a difference.” – Ernie Brooks

GasPods offer one very small way, for individuals to collectively make a difference
If only 2% of the world’s, close to 2 billion drivers, reduce their fuel consumption by 5%, it will mean more for the environment than any government or industry program in effect to date.
Ernie Brooks is seeing >10% increase in mileage with GasPods on his Volkswagen Golf.


Ernie Brooks is an Advocate for the Health of the Oceans, Atmosphere, the Environment
Photographer, Aviator, Adventurer and Educator Ernest H. Brooks II was born to be a photographer. His men-of-the-sea Portuguese ancestry insured the ocean environment would play an important role in his life. As the son of Ernest H. Brooks, founder of the internationally renowned Brooks Institute of Photography, Ernie was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps before forging his own path. He graduated from Brooks Institute, served on the school’s executive staff and assumed the office of the president, from 1971 until 2000.

He is a recipient of numerous honors and awards including: 1973 ‘Triton Award’ Inner Space Pacifica, Hawaii; 1975 ‘NOGI’ The Underwater Society of America; 1977 ‘National Award’ Professional Photographers of America; 1971 through 1980 Hall of Fame elector Photographic Arts and Science Foundation; 1978 Camera Craftsmen of America; served on the National Advisory Council of the National Society of Arts and Letters; ‘Hall of Fame’ Underwater Photographic Society; was honored by the Oceanic Community of SSI and Nikon for 5000 hours beneath the sea ‘Platinum Pro Diver Award’; and ‘The 1996 Partner’s Award,’ was received from the American Oceans Campaign for his lifelong commitment and dedication to our oceans.

Ernie Brooks’ likeness is embodied in a statue commemorating his contributions to the Oceans and environment at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Today, photographing clouds and the ocean are his main interests. In the pursuit of dramatic images, Ernie has descended into the waters beneath the polar icecaps, into the depths of almost every ocean on Earth, and high above every continent. His photographic legacy often is the evidence that illustrates the changes in our environment, and insists that he become the informed voice of our need to change. Ernie Brooks makes a difference with his photography, his speaking engagements, in ways large and small, with GasPods on your vehicle, you too can make a difference.

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