By addressing aerodynamics, GasPods offer an easy and economical solution to limit the impact of rising fuel costs on vehicles. New and old, whether fueled by gas, diesel, electricity, or any other means. Savings vary depending upon fuel, vehicle type and driving behavior. When we look at the average commuter, who drives 13,000 miles per year, its all savings after about 6 months of driving with GasPods on your car.

GasPods are the quickest and easiest way to cut your cost of fuel from driving. And, if you are ready to choose the alternative, buying a new more energy efficient vehicle. Installing GasPods can help you save on new energy efficient cars as well. GasPods can even help extend your distance between charges on an electric vehicle!

Vehicle fuel purchases are a hefty part of what we spend. In the US, our annual average expenditure is close to $2,000 per year. At current prices, reducing that by 5% adds an extra Ben Franklin ($100 bill) to your pocket. Savings can be even higher for long distance commuters. Those of us who commute to and from work and school, or drive long distances as part of our work, stand to benefit most from adding GasPods to our vehicles.

It is the goal of AeroHance to offer products that make existing vehicles, new and old more efficient, so that its clients may save money on gas by traveling the same distances, and using less fuel to do so.

For companies and governmental agencies that are interested or mandated to limit the impact their driving has on the environment, the results are even more compelling. As there is more potential to save money on gas of the larger fleets of vehicles.

Man logging gas milage of a semi truck